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Construction continues for infrastructure improvements

The Superstition Vistas Infrastructure Improvement Project consists of several individual phases of work intended to upgrade capacity of Apache Junction (AJ) Water District and the Superstition Mountains Community Facilities District facilities including the expansion of existing water treatment facility, wastewater treatment facility, water conveyance and transmission pipelines to accommodate future growth.  Several business entities and engineering firms have joined forces to provide the necessary resources to complete the project.   

Brookfield Homes and DR Horton have begun development of infrastructure for several thousand new homes in Apache Junction with occupancy to begin in 2023.  These firms are providing the resources to Apache Junction Water District to upgrade their existing facilities.


Wilson Engineers is providing design services for a new Sewer Lift Station and force main to accept wastewater and pump it to the existing AJ wastewater facility to the north. 


Wood Patel is providing design services for a non-potable water transmission main, new sewer and water main lines to connect new and existing facilities together.


Hilgart-Wilson is designing a new Water Campus to be located near the intersection of Ironwood Road and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) Canal.  This new facility will include a new half million-gallon storage reservoir and pumping to deliver water south to new developments and north to the existing Superstition Area Water Plant.  An offsite water main also being designed by Hilgart-Wilson to convey potable water north and south along Ironwood Road.


Carollo Engineers is providing design services for a new non-potable water reservoir to accept treated effluent from AJ wastewater facility for reuse.  Carollo is also providing critical infrastructure upgrades at the existing Superstition Area Water Plant to allow treatment of reuse water.

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